A Saturday Morning Saunter

5th November 2016

Today was ‘hair cut day’ so I decided to take a walk to the barbers!

Having dropped Abigail off to catch the bus to work, I took a leisurely stroll beside the Guided Busway from Swavesey to St Ives and back. It was a little bit chilly and overcast at eight o’clock, but despite the drizzle it was a pleasant walk past the lakes. I met up with Chris – who had dragged himself out of bed an hour after I set off, and then  taken the bus into town – for haircuts and then hot chocolate at Costa, before heading back home by the same route.

7 Miles – 2 hours walking.

dsc01873 dsc01865 dsc01866

dsc01871 dsc01869 dsc01870


2 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning Saunter

  1. Well done you! I always think of town as Cambridge, so had to read it twice! Plenty of barbers in St Ives. My prayer now is for good accommodation en route!

  2. We hope to supply “Good Accommodation” (whatever that means) in Sidmouth. We are glad to hear that you have now completed your list of hosts and we are finding the maps very interesting. What a lot of preparation to be made! You will be glad when you can actually start doing it!

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