What a nice, relaxed evening. Abigail and I really enjoyed the photos from China and Ian’s tea making

Extract from Reflections Journal – Tuesday 22nd August 2017


It was a real encouragement to see the chaplaincy team at work on the Beachy Head clifftops and to find this cairn too. A great reminder of the God of creation who wants meet with us in whatever situation we are facing, and who wants to carry us out of the storms of life. The chaplains offer support and hope to those who find themselves at a point of crisis.


A recent conversation has had me reflecting on the nature and content of things I have shared on Facebook over the last five and a half weeks….

Has the content changed? Am I sharing my reflections and experiences in the same way?

Sometimes the overriding reason for this journey has been the ‘big’ questions – hospitality, sanctuary, paths, community, burdens, time, decision making, knowing yourself.

Sometimes it has been about the people I meet on the journey, and the people I stay with overnight.

Sometimes it has been much more personal – about me and situations in my life.

For the last two weeks it has been about sharing something of this adventure with Chris and Abigail.

So… I guess the answer to both questions is ‘yes’, and that’s fine actually because all of these things are why I am here… Why I am doing this pilgrimage, and making this journey.

Sometimes the things I share might not seem so interesting, or might seem less important…. but they are interesting and important to me.

So perhaps my Facebook posts and my diary jottings have changed since I set out on this journey five and a half weeks, and more than 400 miles ago…. I’m glad that they have – because that should mean that this journey is changing me too.

Extract from Facebook Post – Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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