Six miles to the lighthouse but 7 Sisters to deal with!

“I’m only complaining today because I have the energy to”

Extract from Reflections Journal – Monday 21st August 2017


Setting out from Seaford a little later in the morning than normal our destination was the Belle Tout Lighthouse. A very generous act of amazing generosity meant that we were to stay the night in the luxury of this very special hotel.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12 NIV

One of my favourite contemporary Christian bands is The Rend Collective. They have an energy about their praise and worship that is infectious. On their album ‘The Art Of Celebration’ there is a song called ‘My Lighthouse’.

In my wrestling and in my doubts

In my failures You won’t walk out

You’re great love will lead me through

You are the peace in my troubled sea

You are the peace in my troubled sea


In the silence You won’t let go

In the questions Your truth will hold

Your great love will lead me through

You are the peace in my troubled sea

You are the peace in my troubled sea


My lighthouse

My lighthouse

Shining in the darkness I will follow You


My lighthouse

My lighthouse

I will trust the promise

You will carry me safe to shore

Safe to shore


I won’t fear what tomorrow brings

With each morning I’ll rise and sing

My God’s love will lead me through

You are the peace in my troubled sea

You are the peace in my troubled sea


Fire before us You’re the brightest

You will lead us through the storms

Built in 1832, following a number of shipwrecks, this beacon of light, shining for some 20 miles out to sea, kept ships safe from danger for 70 years. Sitting in this beautiful lighthouse hotel, gazing at the spectacular views of the coastal cliffs and the sea from the Lamp Room, and reading about the history of this building, I am reminded of how God has been my lighthouse through my life.

In the tumult of this world it is a real and constant joy and comfort to know that The Light of the World is always present, always shinning his light into the darkness and guiding me on my journey homeward.

This lighthouse, perched on the edge of the cliffs, reminds me that Jesus is with us, and goes ahead of us, in the most dangerous situations and times of our lives. His light marks the safe passage and warns of the dangers around us. Immovable, standing firm, reliable, when we follow Him we will find our way home.

Many years ago, during my army training with my unit in the Breacon Beacons, our instructor in Tactical Field Craft wanted to demonstrate to us the importance of concealment at night. He arranged for one of the other instructors to drive across the valley and onto a ridge some 10 miles away. In the darkness of the night this other instructor lit his cigarette with a match. It was only a moment, but briefly the light flared brightly and marked his position on the hillside. It is said that the light of a candle can be observed by the naked eye up to 30 miles away. What Good News it is that The Light of the World shines so brightly.

Of course, Jesus didn’t just tell us that He is the Light of the World – He also told us that we are to be the light of the world. We do not shine our own light into the darkness around us, but we are to reflect the light of Jesus into it.

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