Seventh and Final Week

Seven weeks; 48 nights, 555 miles, 46,231 feet climbed and descended, 104 brunch bars eaten, 1100 photos taken, 2 hats lost, 2 walking poles broken, 17 pounds (7.7kilos) lost…. and the journey is complete!

On Saturday I arrived in Canterbury where I was met, and welcomed, at the cathedral by Revd Canon Clare Edwards. After a brief refreshment break I enjoyed a short tour of the building and some very welcome prayers in the crypt chapel. On Sunday morning I returned to the cathedral for the sung Eucharist service, where my pilgrimage walk really did find its conclusion.

It has been an adventure; a blessing and a privilege – even in the rain and through the brambles and nettles of the many footpaths and tracks I have traveled on.

It has been a joy to meet so many people along the way, and to be able to share the journey with some people on the road and with others in their homes, church halls and church buildings.

It has been a treasured gift to have so much uninterrupted time to spend with God, in reflection, prayer and thought.

It has been a real encouragement to see how many people have been following my journey through Facebook, and to receive your messages and prayers.

Coming to the end of the journey is a strange feeling; I am genuinely excited to have completed what I set out to do, and at the same time a little sad that it is over. I am quite sure that this wont be the last pilgrimage journey I undertake, although I am also quite sure that there wont be any seven week walks in the future!

Now I have the challenge of drawing together the scribbles, thoughts, reflections, posts and messages into some kind of proper reflection. I don’t intend to write up a day bu day account of my journey, or produce a PowerPoint slideshow of the one thousand photos! But I will be bringing together some thoughts on the key themes that seemed to be carried along with me as I walked.

Thank you all for your support.

Thank you especially to Bethel: For giving me the opportunity to take my sabbatical this year, and for the incredible support on the journey and at home, practically and prayerfully.

Above all, thank you to Abi and Chris: For giving up yoursummer holidays to look after our home and each other. For washing clothes and packing equipment. For joining me on the journey. For letting me go on this incredible adventure.



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