Sixth Week

Just one more week and 75 miles to go!

This week I journeyed from Brighton to Rye. I was accompanied by my daughter, Abi, as far as Hastings.

This was my shortest week of the whole pilgrimage, covering just over 55 miles, and has been a little bit of a meander as I wanted to include the town of Battle in my route. I have spent quite a lot of time on the 1066 Country Walk path and bits of the Saxon Shore Way and the Royal Military Canal path, and have done considerably less climbing than in other weeks, although most of it this week was done on the trip from Seaford to the Belle Toute lighthouse – across the Seven Sisters – much to Abi’s delight!

It seems a little odd to be preparing to begin my last week of this pilgrimage journey, and although I am excited to be this close to my destination, there is something bittersweet about knowing that this adventure will soon be over.

‘Change’ has been the dominant thought for me this week, and I am pretty sure that this journey has already changed me in a number of ways, and will perhaps continue to do so as I reflect on it later. More to come on this later…

Photographs from my sixth week, and more details through my daily posts can be found on my Facebook pageĀ

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