Fifth Week

Another week completed – Five down and just two to go! 420 miles completed and just 130 more!

Twinned Toilets… Amazing Hospitality… Blisters & Sandals… Hilarious Humming…

This week I was joined by my son, Chris, who walked with me from Winchester to Upper Beeding, a distance of nearly 60 miles. It was great to share a part of this journey with him, and he did amazingly well not to complain about anything despite the blisters on Monday. I am looking forward to having Abi with me next week.

This week I have mostly followed the South Downs Way. It is a popular route with walkers, and I have seen more people in the last seven days than over the previous four weeks.

I passed through Pyecombe on Friday, and visited the church there. They have a fairly new extension to the building with toilets and a kitchen, both of which are open to the traveller and walker, where there are refreshments available; hot and cold drinks and cake. There is a long history of the church welcoming pilgrims, and it was very encouraging to see how they continue this today. Opening up your church building like this will always come with a certain risk – the challenge is to still do what you believe is the appropriate/right thing to do even when it is risky!

Photographs from my fifth week, and more details through my daily posts can be found on my Facebook pageĀ

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