Fourth Week

Well… week four has been pretty significant. On Wednesday I crossed the halfway point of 275 miles and 24 days, on Friday I crossed the 300 mile mark, and today I arrived in Winchester, which was the starting point of my original pilgrimage plan! I also met up with Chris today, as he is joining me for at least four days of walking this week. Great to see him after four weeks away (looking forward to seeing Abi on Saturday).

My journey this week has taken my from Dorset into Wiltshire and on into Hampshire, and I have been able to walk on a lot more tracks and trails, and only reverted to roads when the weather has been particularly wet.

On Saturday I was treated to a wonderful picnic lunch at Mottisfont Abbey by Esther, Chris and Ellie Reeve who had brought down by equipment box with clean clothes and supplies. I got to play tractors and catch with Ellie 🙂

A little hiccup with overnight hospitality at the end of the week was rapidly resolved by Janet, who secured alternative accommodation for me in the Church Room in Braishfield. It was a real blessing to meet Wendy and Peter Quarendon. Their hospitality was wonderful, and I enjoyed Peter’s company for the first half of my walk this morning.

It seems kind of strange that I am about to begin week five, and at the end of this week I will have just a fortnight of walking left. Not sure what I will do when it’s all done!

Photographs from my fourth week, and more details through my daily posts can be found on my Facebook page

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  1. We hope you will write a book of some sort so that you can share your thoughts and impressions of pilgrimage more widely! We were discussing and praying about the legacy of this sabbatical and pilgrimage at church on Tuesday night.
    You have a lot of eager readers ready and waiting !

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