Second Week

In my second week I completed my journey through Cornwall and crossed the border into Devon. This proved to by slightly not as I had intended, as I discovered that my planned crossing by passenger ferry in Calstock stopped operating a couple of months ago. Fortunately I was able to jump on the train in Calstock and cross the river Tamar (and the border) to Bere Alston in Devon.

The weather has been a little kinder to me this week. Quite a lot of drizzle but no rain like I encountered at the end of the first week.

My route has taken me away from the coastpath and onto a lot of very small country lanes and tracks. Many of these roads, still in use today, have been used for centuries to cross this very hilly terrain.

Week two brought me on to Dartmoor. One of the sections of my journey I have been most looking forward to. My walk onto Dartmoor, and into Princetown, was pretty wet, and visibility was rather limited by the low cloud. My walk from Princetown to Ashburton was spectacularly different: Clearer skies, a nice cooling breeze, great visibility and nobody else in view for almost the whole day! It was a real delight to linger at a few places, and enjoy the beautiful scenery around me.

A few more days walking have brought me at last to Exeter. I was joined by Ed King near Hennock on Saturday and we walked together as far as Kenn, and then we met up again on Sunday morning at South Street Baptist Church. It was a real joy to be welcomed at the door to the church by name – we were expected! – and to be able to spend the morning joining with the fellowship in their morning service.

Here are just a selection of the photographs from my second week. more of them, and daily posts can be found on my Facebook pageĀ

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