Four Weeks To Go!

Well, it has seemed like this sabbatical pilgrimage idea was always months away, and now it is just four weeks away! On Sunday the 16th July I will be in Cornwall, having taken a seven and a half hour journey by train from Cambridge to Penzance, via London, and will be getting my last nights sleep before the journey begins on Monday the 17th July.

My house is filled with boxes of clothes, snack bars and other sundry items, rucsacs, sleeping bags, boots, walking poles and bed rolls… My printer has worked its way through a second set of ink cartridges in printing off the A5 sized route maps for each day – somewhere around 280 separate maps! All but two of my overnight accommodations have been double confirmed, and I think that I am just about ready to go.

I am excited, and a little nervous about the journey. Wondering what I might have forgotten in my planning, and what might go wrong with any one of my routes. Excited to discover what God has in store for my over the 49 days; where He will take my, physically and spiritually, and who He will have me meet. I am looking forward to meeting up with those of you who have already planned, or are planning, to meet up with my during my journey. To sharing something of the experience with you.

I am going to do my best to record my journey, day by day, through photographs, audio recording, videos and writing. When I get home on the 3rd of September I plan to draw all of it together into some form of journal. I aim to upload updates to the website at least once a week, and to upload short videos to the Youtube channel: 2BAPilgrim YouTube

Thank you to so many people… For the encouragement and the support. For offering to make resupply journeys. For offering a place to sleep in your church or home. For the prayers.

Thank you to Abi and Chris… For letting your dad abandon you for seven weeks in the summer, and giving up a family summer holiday, to let me do this. And especially thank you for agreeing to come and walk with me for a week.





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