Week Two


DAY EIGHT – Monday 24th July – Lostwithiel to Liskeard – 12.57 Miles – 4H:57M

Week two sees me leaving Lostwithiel for a mixed day of small roads and track-ways through Trewindle, Penveton, Connon, St Pinnock and Trevelmond, before arriving in Liskeard. Overnight courtesy of St Martin’s Church Liskeard.




DAY NINE – Tuesday 25th July – Liskeard to St Dominick – 15.02 Miles – 6H:02M

From Liskeard I travel east to St Dominick. Mostly roads, but taking in Trebeigh wood, Cutkive wood, and Bicton Wood.  Overnight courtesy of St Dominic Church.




DAY TEN – Wednesday 26th July – St Dominick to Princetown – 14.98 Miles – 6H:24M

My journey from St Dominick takes me through Horrabridge, where I begin the first of three days travelling through Dartmoor ending the day within site of Dartmoor prison in Princetown. Overnight courtesy of St Michael & All Angel’s Church.




DAY ELEVEN – Thursday 27th July – Princetown to Widecombe – 12.57 Miles – 4H:43M

From Princetown I set off for a full day in the moors. A couple of clapper bridges, and a number of cairns and cists on the way to Cockingford near Widecombe in the Moor. Overnight is likely to be at Cockingford Farm campsite.




DAY TWELVE – Friday 28th July – Widdecombe to Hennock – 10.82 Miles – 4H:13M

My last day on Dartmoor takes me near to Manaton and Lustleigh, through Hisley wood and across the Bovey river before ending the day in Hennock. Overnight courtesy of St Mary’s Church.




DAY THIRTEEN – Saturday 29th July – Hennock to *Exeter – 8.22 Miles – 3H:16M TBC

Saturday, and a shorter walk through Haldon Forest brings be near to Exeter. I am still to fix exactly where I will end the day – possibly making my way into the city.




DAY FOURTEEN – Sunday 30th July – *Exeter to Exeter – 2.00 Miles – 0H:45M TBC

Whether I ended Saturday inside or outside of the city, today will be a short day of walking as I will be staying in Exeter. Overnight courtesy of South Street Baptist Church.


WEEK TWO – Lostwithiel to Exeter – 76.18 Miles – 30H:20M

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