The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim

David is the minister of Bethel Baptist Church in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire. In 2017 he undertook a solo pilgrimage from Land's End in Cornwall to Canterbury Cathedral.

David worked on the planning of the route of the pilgrimage, which aimed to take is as many places of historical spiritual significance as possible,during the Spring of 2017 and completed the journey of around 550 miles between July 17th and September 3rd 2017 .

Travelling on average between 12 and 15 miles each day, the whole journey of seven weeks was a deeply moving and refreshing spiritual adventure.


12 months on and David is bringing together his daily reflections, recorded in a small pocket journal, a selection of posts from Facebook, photographs and his further reflections in the year since the journey, and is sharing these new reflections in daily writings. You can follow these on this website or on his Facebook page

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